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1. The Management and Principal reserves the right to make additions or alterations in the existing rules,     working hours, time table or mode of training as may be deemed fit from time to time. The students shall     be required to abide by all the prescribed and modified rules.

2. Students who are on leave or unable to attend the classes due to unforeseen reasons, must have to     deposit the fees on due date. Students must attend the lectures in time. Late comers will not be allowed to     attend the class. Continuous absence for ten days with out written permission shall lead to striking off the     names of the students. They may re-admit with the permission of the Principal as a fresh student and he     may be required to pay all the dues as a fresh student.

3. Student will be responsible individually or collectively as the case may be for any loss or damage of institution     property.

4. A student is liable to be fined up to Rs. 100/- suspended, expelled or dealt with any punishment for     negligence in studies/attendance or act of indiscipline or for any misconduct in or out of the college     premises,Student found indulged in Anti-Govt., Anti-National or Anti Institution propaganda will be expelled     from the college immediately and he/she will have no claim of fees paid by him/her.

5. In case of any dispute between the management of the college and the students the matter will fall only     under the legal jurisdiction of Distt. Muzaffarnagar, U.P.

6. The Rules, Regulations, Syllabus in respect of college printed in the prospectus are given in good faith     prevailing at the time of issue of the prospectus. The management will be free from all liabilities in case of     any changes in regulation at any stage. However, in case of any change in syllabus by C.C.I.M., New Delhi,     the management reserve the right to levy additional changes for the additional study.

7. In the matters which are not covered in said rules and regulations, the decision of the Managing     Director/Principal shall be final.

8. It is the sincere desire and endeavor of the management to make the student a good and Law-abiding     citizen, so as to bring good name for themselves, family and the country. If a stutden indulges in any illegal     or anti-national activity the college shall not be responsible for his/her involvement.

9. The Management of the College, Principal Ayurveda / Unani Faculty reserves this right to cancel or reject any     admission form.